What we do.

Independent testing with TrueTesting

In a world where the line between marketing and reviews is becoming blurrier everyday, we believe at Cyber Security Technologies Foundation that the best way we can help foster trust in the cyberworld is by providing actionable and free of conflict of interest recommendations of online products based on transparent rigorous testing.
It is our hope that our recommendations will empower online users to decide which are the best and safest products possible.
To accomplish this, we operate the web portal that offers free and intuitive access to all the products we tested and recommended. You can learn more about our testing methodology and our results by visiting TrueTesting.

Our supporters.

Cyber Security Technologies Foundation would not be able to provide conflict of interest free recommendations based on rigorous testing without the help of our donors, volunteers and sponsors.

In particular we thank the following companies for their continuous support:

Who we are.

Dedicated team of engineers

We are a group of enthusiasts who share the common goal of building a trustworthy cyberworld in which everyone is free to be themselves and empowered to conduct their digital life worry free regardless of who they are.

Our core belief is that safety is a right not a privilege and we are relentlessly working toward helping achieve this goal. If you are inspired to change the world with us, please get in touch using our contact form. We are always looking for motivated individuals who can bring their unique and diverse set of competences and ideas to the table.

Board of directors

Elie Bursztein

Elie Bursztein


Celine Bursztein

Celine Bursztein


Nicolas Noble

Nicolas Noble


Our values.

Safety is a right not a privilege

We believe that everyone is entitled to feel safe offline and online regardless of their background. We want to enable a world where we all are able to carry our digital life worry free and are dedicated to making this happen.

Be conflict of interest free

To be trusted, research and reviews must be free of conflict of interest to ensure there is no hidden agenda at play. This is why CySecTech will always refuse money to test specific products or product samples. Instead we rely on donations to test what we believe is of the greatest utility to the world and focus on providing a rigorous evaluation – this way we don't have to worry about the outcome displeasing manufacturers or marketing agencies.

Be transparent

Accountability is vital to building trust which is why all our tests, methodologies, and code are publicly available. This makes it crystal clear how we reached our recommendation and how we spend our resources. This transparency and accountability empower the public and our donators to audit what we do so they can build trust in our recommendations and that we put their donations to good use.

Free access to information

We believe that the best way to build a trustworthy cyberworld is to provide accurate, free of conflict of interest information that is available without paywall, signup or any restrictions. Our hope is that availablility of free and reliable information will empower every individual to make the best decisions possible for themselves, effectively removing the insider knowledge that currently allows privileged individuals to make better decisions than others. To help reach this goal all the data created by CySecTech including our test results, methodology and code is freely available via TrueTesting and our Github page without the need to register or login. Additionally to encourage free information flow and dissemination, we are making our data available under the CC BY-NC 4.0 license and freely available for research and education purposes as outlined in our terms of use.

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CySecTech is a non-profit organization operating from the San Francisco Bay Area. You can contact us online by sending us an email using the form on this page or by messaging us on Discord or Twitter. Thank you!